Business of the Month


Seaside Oceanfront Inn/Maggie’s on the Prom—Seaside

“Clatsop Community Bank is one of the best banks I’ve worked with. It’s very easy doing business with them, and I can always call and talk to someone,” said Andy Mercer, who owns Seaside Oceanfront Inn and Maggie’s on the Prom with his wife, Sadie. “Clatsop Community Bank is like Cheers,” Sadie said. “They all […] Read More.

Old Things and Objects — June 2014

“You can’t really get more convenient than right across the street,” said Lisa Ackerman, of her choice to bank at Clatsop Community Bank. “But the fact that it’s a community bank is really what inspired our decision to do business here,” she said. “The bank staff is so friendly,” she explained. “They really care about […] Read More.

Arcadia Organic Landscaping, LLC — May 2014

“I love that Clatsop Community Bank is locally owned—that’s just great,” said Leslie McClanahan, owner of Arcadia Organic Landscaping in Cannon Beach. “I believe in voting with your dollars, and when my previous bank was bought out by a regional bank, I began looking for other options—it was during the ‘move your money’ movement a […] Read More.

Eleventh Street Barber — April 2014

“My previous bank kept coming up with all these weird fees,” said Sarah Bardy, owner of Eleventh Street Barber in Astoria. “And then they left Astoria, and I wasn’t going to drive to Seaside to make my deposits each day,” she added. Clatsop Community Bank is close to Sarah’s barbershop, and she likes the relationships […] Read More.