Clouds ‘n’ My Coffee—August 2014


“The people at Clatsop Community Bank know who you are and they always ask how you’re doing,” said Kim Qualls, owner of Clouds ‘n’ My Coffee in the Lewis and Clark neighborhood. “I like the size of the bank, and the personal aspect of my banking relationship. And all of the people are super nice, too,” she added.

“I also like the fact that Clatsop Community Bank is a local bank,” Qualls said.

Kim’s job with a log exporter brought her to Astoria a few years ago, and that’s when she noticed a long-vacant coffee stand on her route to work each day. She purchased the building in June, opened for business, and sales have been increasing steadily ever since. “People are realizing that the shop is open again, and traffic has been good,” she said. “I’ll be ready for a new building eventually, and when I am, I’ll approach Clatsop,” she added.

Clouds ‘n’ My Coffee is open seven days a week, including 5a.m. to 4p.m. weekdays. Offerings include hot and cold drinks, breakfast sandwiches, snacks, smoothies and more.