Matt’s Candies—Astoria, October 2013

Matt's Candies

“Clatsop Community Bank is close and convenient,” said Matt Matzen, owner of Matt’s Candies in downtown Astoria. “But really, I chose Clatsop Community Bank because it is a local bank, and we try to do business locally as much as possible,” he said. “Plus, you just get friendlier service with a local bank like Clatsop than you get at the regional or national banks,” he added.

Matt opened his shop in downtown Astoria in the summer of 2013, after managing a candy store in Long Beach for 11 years. “The other cities in the area already have enough candy,” Matt said, but he saw an opportunity in Astoria and decided to locate his shop there. “I chose a spot near the Liberty Theater because of the foot traffic,” he added.

Matt learned the business from a World War II vet who owned the candy shop in Long Beach where Matt got started. He makes fudge and chocolates onsite daily, and sells other specialty candies, taffy, and harder-to-find nostalgia items that many remember from childhood. He also accepts custom orders and will ship outside the area.