Old Things and Objects — June 2014


“You can’t really get more convenient than right across the street,” said Lisa Ackerman, of her choice to bank at Clatsop Community Bank. “But the fact that it’s a community bank is really what inspired our decision to do business here,” she said.

“The bank staff is so friendly,” she explained. “They really care about you and your business, and want to see you succeed. And they’re always smiling.”

Lisa and her husband Shawn Kozak own Old Things and Objects on Commercial Street in Astoria. Both are artists—Lisa a fine artist, and Shawn an animator. The couple has always enjoyed shopping for vintage antiques and collectibles, and their shared interest led to their new roles as shopkeepers in 2013, when the store’s previous owners retired.

“We have a little bit of everything,” Lisa said, “including books for kids and natural science items like our popular thunder eggs.” The couple’s local clientele are often on the hunt for specific items that Lisa and Shawn watch for, once they know the customer’s interests. In addition, the shop features a small gallery space where Lisa displays her own work along with that of other local artists.