Tsunami Sandwich Company—September 2014


“We first worked with Clatsop Community Bank when we were shopping loans to open our second restaurant,” said David Posalski, who owns Tsunami Sandwich in Seaside with his wife, Britnie. “We secured the financing we needed at Clatsop Community Bank, and went back for additional financing when it was time to expand. Now our personal accounts are at Clatsop Community Bank, too.”

Posalski had previously banked with a credit union, “But they kept raising their fees, and the service was not great.” By comparison, he said with a smile, “Clatsop Community Bank has been awesome.”

David and Britnie opened Tsunami Sandwich in 2010, after David decided it was time for a career change from the health insurance industry, and the couple relocated from Beaverton. “Business has exceeded our expectations,” he said. The shop features quality deli meats from New York, Tillamook ice cream, and Ivar’s chowder. “We wanted to offer some healthier, high-quality alternatives,” David explained.

David and Britnie, along with two other family members, Greg and Tausha Pugh, opened a second restaurant–The Crabby Oyster–last year in Seaside.