Business of the Month


April Business of the Month—Kiwi’s Water Taxi

Alan “Kiwi” Brann started his company, Kiwi’s Water Taxi, in 2010. The company runs people, supplies, packages and equipment to ships anchored in the Columbia River. Customer service is paramount, with the crew seemingly on call 24/7, and Kiwi always the one to answer the phone. “You call, we haul” has become a common refrain […] Read More.
Julia Weinberg

March Business of the Month—Seaside Wellness Center

“I felt very supported by Clatsop Community Bank when I opened my practice,” said Julia Weinberg, owner of Seaside Wellness Center. Julia, who has now been in private practice for over a year, says she didn’t even understand all of the language around owning and operating a business when she first got started. She worked […] Read More.

February Business of the Month—Oregon Fishermen’s Cable Committee

“It’s great that the people at Clatsop Community Bank know me by name,” said Scott McMullen, chairman of the Oregon Fishermen’s Cable Committee. “And I really appreciate that the Bank supports and makes loans to the natural resources industries that are so critical to this community,” he added. Scott and two fellow commercial fishermen established […] Read More.

September Business of the Month—Ben’s Computer Store

“My previous bank didn’t see the vision I had for this piece of property,” said Ben Doney, owner of Ben’s Computer Store in Warrenton. Ben spoke from the new location of his store, which backs up to SE Discovery Lane (in front of Costco) in Warrenton. He owns the building, which is fully occupied with […] Read More.