Our Story

It was 2006, and two friends were sitting on the front porch lamenting the fact that there were no local banks left in the community. One by one, they’d all been snapped up by larger regional and national banks, and things hadn’t been the same after that.

The pair decided to see if there was anyone else in town who missed having a local bank as much as they did. As the conversation moved off the front porch and into the community, it quickly became obvious just how much the idea would resonate. People did miss local banking. They missed it so much they were willing to invest money to bring it back.

With hard work and a lot of planning, the founders attracted enough investors to officially open for business. In the spring of 2008, Clatsop Community Bank welcomed customers at its first branch in Seaside, Oregon. Less than a year later, we opened a second branch in Astoria, Oregon.

Every year since, we’ve continued to grow—due in large part to the priority our customers place on doing business locally. They want to keep their money in our community, and that’s exactly what we do. And it doesn’t hurt that we deliver service that sets tongues wagging (in a good way, of course), or that we roll up our sleeves and support the community outside our normal business hours.

Today, Clatsop Community Bank remains the only bank that is locally owned in all of Clatsop County.