February Business of the Month—Oregon Fishermen’s Cable Committee


“It’s great that the people at Clatsop Community Bank know me by name,” said Scott McMullen, chairman of the Oregon Fishermen’s Cable Committee. “And I really appreciate that the Bank supports and makes loans to the natural resources industries that are so critical to this community,” he added.

Scott and two fellow commercial fishermen established the Oregon Fishermen’s Cable Committee in 1998 in effort to preserve access to fishing grounds as undersea cables became an increasingly important component of the global economy.

“Ultimately, we struck an agreement with the cable owners that would protect their undersea cables and still allow us to fish,” McMullen said. Cables are buried to a depth of one to one-and-a-half meters for a specified distance from the shore, and inspections are done regularly to make the cable companies and the fishing industry aware of any cable exposure.

“The old system was a very punitive one and did not promote collaboration between the cable owners and the fishing industry. Today, that’s a different story,” McMullen said. “We have cable owners on our board of directors, and we work with them to identify the best routes for new cables to be placed. And now, companies often choose to land their cable in Oregon (over California) because it’s so much easier for them to do business here,” he added.

And speaking of doing business here, “The service at Clatsop Community Bank is what really impressed me,” McMullen said. “They’ve not charged the fees that other banks would have, and they even secured a lower rate for my mortgage,” he added. “It just feels like they’re a partner.”