January — Astoria Downtown Market

Astoria Downtown Market - Samuel McDaniel

“Initially, I chose Clatsop Community Bank because it’s very close to my store,” said Samuel McDaniel, owner of Astoria Downtown Market. “But as a small business owner, the fact that the bank is locally owned is also very important to me. My experience with the bank has been very positive. The staff is friendly and attentive, and they help me resolve issues with credit card processing and other banking needs,” he added.

Samuel was an employee of Astoria Downtown Market for two and a half years before purchasing the store in 2017. During that time he earned his business certificate at Clatsop Community College. Samuel said his education prepared him well for business ownership and day-to-day management of the store. “Owning a successful business is not just about making money,” he said, “you’re there to provide a service.”

Astoria Downtown Market, which stocks a variety of staple and convenience food items, enjoys a healthy boost from the city’s tourism traffic, though Samuel bases his business planning and projections on local customers who represent a more consistent and reliable revenue stream.

“I love interacting with people who live or work in downtown Astoria,” he said. “They are all interesting in their own way. There is a great deal of diversity and many regular customers,” he added.