January Business of the Month—The Uptown Cafe

The Uptown Cafe

“I love Clatsop Community Bank,” said David Posalski, who, with business partner Donnie Jones, owns The Uptown Café in Warrenton. “They took care of all of the financing for this place, and the SBA loan process was really fast,” Posalski said. “After all of my dealings with Clatsop Community Bank, I wouldn’t go anywhere else,” he added.

Posalski noted that Clatsop Community Bank financed some of his other businesses, and after the first couple of loans, “It’s just a matter of a phone call to ask for what I need.”

Posalski and Jones bought The Uptown Café in September 2017. Jones is the executive chef and general manager, while Posalski describes himself as “the background guy.”

“We’d been talking about doing something together for awhile, and this opportunity just kind of landed in our laps,” they said. Posalski’s experience as a local restaurateur, combined with Jones’s 20-plus years in the Portland/Washington County restaurant industry, make a powerful team.

Since taking ownership of the cafe in September, the pair have converted the restaurant’s former conference room into a full bar (with happy hour from 3-6 p.m. daily), opened up the dining area, and added a full dinner menu. “We also installed a new point-of-sale system and completely re-outfitted our kitchen,” Jones said. “Together, these two improvements alone have reduced service times by 10 minutes or more,” he added.

“We’re seeing more families coming in, and more couples doing date nights,” Posalski said. “And we definitely have our regulars—some who come in several times a week.”

The Uptown Cafe is open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily, and is located in the Warrenton Highlands Shopping Plaza.