MoneyPass ATM Access

Customers can use their Clatsop Community Bank debit cards at any MoneyPass ATM in the United States without incurring a transaction fee. The MoneyPass network includes tens of thousands of surcharge-free ATM locations, so you can easily access cash where you live, work and travel. There is no limit to the number of fee-free transactions you can conduct at MoneyPass ATMs, as long as you don’t exceed your (existing) daily withdrawal limit, and have sufficient funds to cover the transactions.

Your debit card works the same way it always has and uses the same PIN. Now you just have more choices for fee-free ATM transactions!

Previously, Clatsop Community Bank reimbursed a limited number of transaction fees incurred at ATMs other than our own, up to a set dollar amount each month. With the introduction of MoneyPass, reimbursements for transaction fees will no longer be offered.

MoneyPass ATMs are located in Astoria, Seaside and Cannon Beach, as well as hundreds of other cities in Oregon and the other 49 states. The MoneyPass website features a MoneyPass ATM locator, and you can even download the MoneyPass mobile app to find MoneyPass ATMs while you’re on the go.

moneypassLook for the MoneyPass logo when you’re out and about, and enjoy unlimited fee-free ATM transactions on the MoneyPass network. Transactions at Clatsop Community Bank ATMs will remain fee-free with your Clatsop Community Bank debit card.