November—Good Bowl


“I have friends and fellow business owners who recommended Clatsop Community Bank to me,” said Olaf Ydstie, owner of Good Bowl in Astoria. “I like that each time I go in the bank, the same people are there—I went to high school with some of them! It’s homey, and doesn’t feel like a traditional bank,” he said. “It’s two blocks from my food cart, they have good coffee, and I can just stop in.”

Olaf is a native Astorian, and started Good Bowl with a friend in 2015. It was a way he could make a living doing something he enjoys while living in the place he calls home. “It kind of fell into my lap,” he said of the business.

“I’d always worked in kitchens around town—I grew up in them,” Olaf said, having spent 12-13 years working shifts at the Columbian Café or the VooDoo Room. “I love Astoria. My whole family is here, and I have lifelong friends in town. It’s a place you can build community,” he said.

The menu at Good Bowl is a simple one—you can order a bowl or tacos with base ingredients of rice, beans, local proteins and produce, and customize to your liking. Find Good Bowl at 11th and the Riverwalk, 11am to 3pm.