October—Mai Tong Tai Food


“We approached Clatsop Community Bank for business financing,” said Bob Burns, who owns Mai Tong Thai Food with his wife, Sopa. “We showed them all of our plans, and they were very receptive,” he said. “And when our trailer took longer than expected to complete, the bank was patient with us. They had faith in us and what we were doing,” he added.

Bob and Sopa opened Mai Tong Thai Food at Astoria Station (13th and Duane) in October 2017 and have been busy ever since. “We have a lot of regulars, and the locals have been great,” they said.

Sopa and Bob work together in the business on a daily basis. Work begins long before opening time with shopping and food prep performed daily. Sopa, who has worked in the local food industry (including two Thai restaurants) does the cooking, while Bob, who spent the bulk of his career in the restaurant industry, takes orders and helps out wherever needed.

“It was my dream to have a business,” Sopa said.

Bob and Sopa have been pleasantly surprised by the response during their first year operating the food cart. “It has exceeded our expectations,” Bob said, “and it makes us feel good when people comment on how much they like it.” All dishes are made from scratch using traditional Thai recipes.

“We’re so grateful to our customers and to the bank,” Sopa said.

Mai Tong Thai Food is open from 11:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Thursday through Monday.