Welcome to True Local Banking

Clatsop Community Bank is a true community bank—locally owned in Clatsop County. And it’s the number-one reason our customers choose us over any other bank in the area.

Being local is something we talk a lot about, but it’s not just because we like the warm, fuzzy feeling it generates. Sure, our customers like the fact that we greet them by name when they walk in the door, and that they get live people on the phone when they call. But banking locally also means some pretty tangible benefits as well. Namely, you know that your money stays in the community, and provides loans to other locals who are building homes, businesses and lives in Clatsop County. And if you’re ever one of those people looking for a loan or line of credit yourself, you’ll know that the decision (one that’s probably really important to you) will be made by someone who lives and works in our community. We don’t answer to layers of management or loan committees sequestered in a giant skyscraper in another state. Nope—the buck stops here, as they say.

If you’re already banking with us, thank you. If you’re not, we’d like to fix that. See what our customers say about why they choose Clatsop Community Bank, then get in touch with us and start enjoying a better banking experience.